It's always an honour to be asked to paint somewhere or something that is special to someone. To start your commission process, please fill out my commissions' enquiry form and find out more about my availability and rates.


Timberly Williams

Santorini, Greece (2018)

This watercolour painting of the iconic blue-domed churches on the Greek island of Santorini was commissioned by a collector who wanted to capture a holiday shared with a friend. It was a painting to encapsulate the memories they'd made together that could be looked back at fondly over time, transporting them to the sunny isle with a smile. It was an interesting creative challenge to overcome painting primarily white buildings, offset with gentle shadows and tiny detailing like the plant pots and windows on the pastel-coloured buildings.

Original watercolour on cold-pressed paper, 23 x 23cm

Family Portrait (2019)

This special commission was an imagined memory-scape of a couple's first road trip with their baby travelling through the British Isles. The collector shared a series of photographs with me from the trip, which I developed into a composition featuring their picnic rug, van and the rolling landscape in the Summer sun. Although there wasn't a photo of the family altogether, I wanted to include all three of them. One of the final paint strokes was the hands of the parents over the child, which fused together in a happy accident that seemed to reflect their union and protection of their baby.


"You were the perfect person for the job".

Original watercolour on cold-pressed paper, 27.9 x 21cm

Family Portrait.jpg

Timberly Williams


Arthur Beck

Millook Haven Beach, Cornwall (2020)

This watercolour painting was developed for a collector with a deep connection to the local area of Millook. The composition was developed through sketches on a site visit and additional photographs. The scene shows an old wooden boat resting up against the boathouse. The landscape has such a range of rich tones, like the clay-coloured rockface and purple heathers, which I wanted to draw attention to. The beach has a saltwater pond and is covered with grey pebbles with unique white lines known, which I wanted to highlight too to reflect Millook's signature landscape.

Original watercolour on cold-pressed paper, 25 x 21cm

Rhosneigr, Wales (2020)

After receiving one of my original paintings, a collector commissioned a painting for her partner of Rhosneigr, Wales, as a place that's dear to him. This particular beach and composition was developed to highlight the craggy rocks of the local area and the expansive, meditative landscape. 

"The painting went down brilliantly! He absolutely loves it and is very excited to have an original painting done just for him so thank you!"

Original watercolour on cold-pressed paper 21 x 30cm

Rosneignr 2.jpg

Arthur Beck

RD Logo (Blue).jpg

Arthur Beck

An Errant Academic (2020)

This design project involved creating a logo and banner for an academic's blog 'An Errant Academic'. The brief was to incorporate the client's academic practice in feminist medieval history with a playful and whimsical aesthetic and draw on elements personal to them. Three logo designs were presented and a final logo was chosen, alongside an imagined landscape featuring the client's favourite medieval castle in Scotland for the banner.

"Working with Holly to design my website was a dream! She took the abstract ideas in my head and made them wonderfully, beautifully real. I cannot recommend her enough for custom work!"

Agnés (2020)

This portrait painting of film director, Agnés Varda, was commissioned by a collector inspired by her work. I selected a photo of Agnés that represented her vibrant style and iconic auburn and white hair. The hair was a creative challenge working on white paper, which I navigated with light grey shadow.

"I absolutely love it. It has pride of place!"

Original watercolour on cold-pressed paper, 21 x 21cm


Knight Portrait (2021)


Timberly Williams

In continuation of the 'An Errant Academic' project, the client's partner commissioned a portrait of them as a knight to reflect their strength of character and academic practice in feminist medieval history. It was both a 30th birthday present and their wedding day so a doubly special commission. This composition was developed from several digital source materials to create a composite image. It featured the subject's signature glasses and reference to their staple Breton striped top as a white and blue striped tabard. The direct gaze and smile added to the confidence and empowerment intended by this portrait.

"I'm still in awe of how special this present was... The most incredible gift brought to life by Holly Foskett-Barnes."

Original watercolour on cold-pressed paper, 21 x 27.9cm