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Charlotte Church's retreat The Dreaming, Rhayader Wales

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We commissioned Holly to illustrate a companion map for our retreat guests, showcasing the magical landscape that surrounds The Dreaming. Holly’s keen attention to detail and respect for the land beautifully shines through in the map design, with each area bursting from the page with character and charm. We couldn't be happier, thank you so much Holly! You're a true talent.

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Are you looking for a custom illustration?

It's always an honour to be asked to paint somewhere or something

that's special to someone.

Working on commission is a way to apply my 10 years of artistic experience and grow my practice to new places. I'm always grateful for the opportunity and excited to embark on a new creative adventure.

To start your commission process, fill out my quick enquiry form

and I'll get back to you shortly with my availability and a quote.

commission types


Interested in a watercolour design for your business or project?

I enjoy crafting handmade illustrations, maps, editorial design, recipe books and publications that celebrate your passion for nature through your work.


From memorable trips to ceremonious days, places we’ve lived to views we don’t wish to forget. Commissioning a landscape is a way of commemorating somewhere that's important to you, or someone you know. Is there a special place in mind you’d like to honour with a painting?

Gardens &

Gardens and allotments are a sanctuary for our creativity, health and wellbeing. My nature commissions aim to capture a moment in time and the essence of a loved garden or allotment, to remind you to enjoy your treasured green space more often.


If you have a project in mind, please do fill out my commissions enquiry form and let’s create something together.

Want to see more of my artwork?

Commission FAQS

What’s your process?


Once the subject matter and price are confirmed, I'll ask for a 20-40% deposit. With your help, I'll gather all my materials for the work (photographs, images, stories, anecdotes and information) - the more information the better! Depending on the size of the project, I may also schedule a consultation call or a site visit with you.


I’ll then develop a sketch of the initial design and share this with you for any feedback. This is your opportunity to make any suggestions and for me to make any changes.


Next I’ll produce the main body of work in the studio. If it’s an original painting, once it’s complete I’ll share some photographs with you - unless you specified you want it as a surprise! I’m unable to make many changes with original watercolour paintings as they are so intricate but, if it’s a digital work, we can discuss if you’d like any amendments at this stage.


I'll then invoice you for the outstanding balance and, once this is paid, coordinate the delivery of your commission. I’ll safely package your work in eco-friendly or recycled materials and post it to you with a tracking number.


If you'd like me to arrange for custom framing or fine art archival giclée printing, I'm also able to coordinate this on your behalf at an additional cost.


What size can the artwork be?


The larger the work, the longer it takes me to create, therefore the higher the cost. Most of my custom commissions (particularly Garden & Allotment or Landscape commissions) are under A4 size, which usually takes me 1-2 full days in the studio to complete. However, I have created artworks up to A1 size and enjoy the process of working on a larger scale too.


How long will it take?


The scale of the project will determine how long it takes, as well as my studio availability. My busiest season is between October and December, therefore commissions around this time may not be available or take longer than usual. If you need a quick turnaround (anything under 2-3 months), this could be reflected in the fee, so it’s always a good idea to get in touch as soon as possible.


How much do commissions cost?


The price of each commission is quoted individually based on size, subject matter, detail, deadline and the amount of preparation and research required. Quotes are determined by the size and detail of the work, therefore how many studio hours it will take me to produce.


  • A4 or smaller original watercolour painting produced from photographs - Guide price £150-250

  • Approx A3 original watercolour painting produced from photographs - Guide price £250-450


Additional expenses may include materials, delivery and travel or framing (if applicable). If it’s a digital work, expenses will also include digitally rendering, editing and printing (if applicable).




I have fortunately only ever experienced my clients and collectors appreciation and enjoyment of finished commissions. However, if the work is not to your liking, I will do my best to amend it until you are happy with it. If you still wish to cancel the commission, please note that the deposit is non-refundable and a standard production fee will be charged to cover my time.




I retain the copyright on all the artwork produced by myself, Holly Foskett-Barnes, including any artwork resulting from a commission. This also includes the right to use images of the artwork in promotional material or on my website.


You may not reproduce any piece of artwork or artwork print in any form without prior permission. You may, however, display commissioned artwork on social media with a credit (Instagram @hollyfoskettbarnes, Facebook @hollyfoskettbarnesart), but it must not be reproduced in any other form whatsoever, unless stated in our agreement.

commission FAQs
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