Cyclic Living

Just like the seasons, we also experience cycles throughout our life, such as the lunar phases. Living in union with these natural cycles unlocks the innate powers of nature and allows you to be empowered, interconnected and in flow.

Nutritional Moon Cycle Map - Framed.jpg

Nutritional Menstrual Cycle Map (2020)

This project was the start of my journey to understand the seasonal shifts of my menstrual/ovulation cycle. The work was informed by nutritional guidance in the books such as 'Womancode' and 'In the Flo' by Alissa Vitti, a nutritional and women's hormone expert. Alisa explains that certain foods at key stages of our cycle can help us better navigate the seasonal changes and reduce, or even eliminate, menstrual symptoms such as irregular bleeds, PSM and painful cramps, which so many of us experience and accept as normal. This work is a visual representation of these recommendations, that could encourage meal planning around one's cycle. My wish is that it can be of service and use to people who menstruate and those who want to connect with cyclic living.

Giclée art prints are available as a first edition /250 in my shop.

Herbal Moon Cycle Guide (2020)

This project was developed in collaboration with Maria from Healing Weeds, who champions empowering people with herbal wisdom from locally foraged plants. We are passionate about supporting people who menstruate to connect with their cycles and support menstrual needs with natural, plant-based remedies. The flowers, herbs and plants illustrated can help alleviate the most common menstrual symptoms and bring you in closer communion with your cycle, local environment and the earth. These plants are accompanied by the moon phases, which also represent the menstrual/ovulation cycle from new moon (menstruation) to full moon (ovulation).

Giclée art prints are available as a first edition /250 in my shop.

Herbal Moon Cycle Guide - Framed.jpg