Nature is awe inspiring in all her forms and teaches us so much about the world we live in. Immersion in landscapes is a powerful way to show appreciation for nature and learn from her innate wisdom.


Mother Nature, Mother China (2011)

The 'Mother Nature, Mother China' project was realised as part of an Artist Residency Program with Rouge & Noir Art Space, documented via a Blog. The series consists of watercolour paintings and ink drawings of rural landscapes and sacred sites whilst working in Dali (Yunnan, China). The works explore the quality of line in landscape, responding to traditional Chinese calligraphic practices, leant whilst in Dali and presented in the window of the exhibition space.​

Landlines (2018)

'Landlines' is a series of five watercolour paintings inspired by Southern American landscapes, exploring rock formations, nightscapes and canyons. It was originally created for Mockingbird Café (Clifton, Bristol), which specialised in Southern American flavours.

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Starry Skies - Framed.jpg