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  • This set of three eco-stickers from the 'Herbal Moon Cycle Guide' illustrates the plants that can support phases of the menstrual cycle. The stickers are skullcap with the half moon, yarrow with the new moon, and nettle with the waxing crescent moon. This collaborative project was made with Maria from Healing Weeds, who shares the wisdom of these particular plants:


    Skullcap eases anxiety and can help to lift our mood, which can become low or in flux as we move through the month towards shedding.


    Yarrow is a great ally for menstruation, helping to regulate heavy blood flow and ease painful cramps.


    Nettle helps to re-nourish our blood, replenishing vitamins and minerals that were shed. Due to her large nutritional content, she is a great ally at all stages of the cycle.


    This sticker set is a beautiful celebration of the power of plants and cyclic living.

    Lunar Herbs Eco-Sticker Set

    • Set of three high-quality eco-friendly stickers
      135gsm responsibly sourced paper backed with a 175gsm glassine (wood pulp) liner - total weight 310gsm
      Matte water-resistant finish
      Water-based permanent adhesive
      Plant-based and Vegan-friendly
      100% PVC Free
      100% recyclable
      8 x 8 cm (per sticker)

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