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  • This watercolour art print illustrates herbal plants that can be used to support your menstrual cycle, symbolised by the moon phases here. The new moon (top left and bottom right) indicates menstrual bleeding, a time for withdrawal and release, waxing to the full moon (centre), representing ovulation when energy is at its peak. The moons then wane to the new moon once more to complete the moon cycle.

    This project was developed in collaboration with Maria from
    Healing Weeds (@healing.weeds), who champions empowering people with herbal wisdom from locally foraged plants. The flowers, herbs and plants illustrated can help alleviate the most common menstrual symptoms and bring you in closer communion with your cycle, our local environment and the earth. The plants illustrated here are Motherwort, Nettle, Red Clover, Lady's Mantle, Raspberry Leaf, Dandelion Root, Skullcap, Chamomile and Yarrow.

    Each art print comes with a beautiful FREE digital herbal guide written by Maria, sharing information about how each plant can support your cycle, historical or cultural details, and herbal recipes for you to try!

    Moon Herbalism Guide (30 x 30cm)

    • Limited first edition art print
      Full colour high-quality giclée print (of a watercolour painting on paper original)
      Off-white textured paper, 315gms
      30 x 30 cm
      Each print will be hand signed and numbered (edition /250)

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