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  • This watercolour art print illustrates the suggested nutritional diet during the four phases of the menstrual cycle (moving clockwise from top right); follicular, ovulation, luteal and menstruation. Each ring represents different plant-based food families (from the central ring out); nuts, grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

    This nutritional information is gathered from the highly acclaimed Flo Living protocol, which was founded by Alissa Vitti, a nutritional and women's hormone expert. She explains that certain foods at certain stages of our cycle can help us to navigate our cycle and reduce - or even eliminate! - menstrual symptoms such as irregular bleeds, PSM and painful cramps, which so many of us experience and accept as normal.

    The more we understand these seasonal shifts, the more we are able to plan our lives around our uniquely nuanced cycles and live in synchronicity and awareness of them, however that looks. I hope this print can provide this for you, or someone you love - and perhaps it will even bring a bit of colour to the kitchen too!

    Nutritional Menstrual Cycle Map (30 x 30cm)

    • Full colour digital art print (of a watercolour painting on paper original)
      Natural soft textured paper, 315gms
      30 x 30 cm
      Each print will be hand signed and numbered (edition /250)

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