This handy eco-sticker illustrates seed cycling, a nutritional tool that helps balance your hormones (specifically estrogen and progesterone). Seed cycling is a natural, accessible way that can help minimise hormonal symptoms and allow you to check in with your menstrual/ovulation cycle to better navigate your mental, physical and emotional health. You simply take a teaspoon of pumpkin and flax seeds or sunflower and sesame seeds, depending on where you are in your cycle - this sticker acts as a daily reminder for when to take what!

Seed Cycling Eco-Sticker

  • Single high-quality eco-friendly sticker
    135gsm responsibly sourced paper backed with a 175gsm glassine (wood pulp) liner - total weight 310gsm
    Matte water-resistant finish
    Water-based permanent adhesive
    Plant-based and Vegan-friendly
    100% PVC Free
    100% recyclable
    10 x 10 cm