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This handy eco-sticker illustrates the crop rotation cycle so you know what to plant each season.


Crop rotation is essential to avoid unwanted pests or disease, encouraging your crops to flourish. It not only supports the healthy growth of your plants but balances the soil nutrients - and it helps combat weeds too!


Add this sticker to your fridge or gardening notebook as an easy to read guide when planning your plot.

Crop Rotation Eco Sticker

  • Single high-quality eco-friendly sticker
    135gsm responsibly sourced paper backed with a 175gsm glassine (wood pulp) liner - total weight 310gsm
    Matte water-resistant finish
    Water-based permanent adhesive
    Plant-based and Vegan-friendly
    100% PVC Free
    100% recyclable
    10 x 10 cm

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