• This artwork looks beneath the soil's surface and high into the celestial skies, as it illustrates the gardening technique 'planting with the moon'. It shows what to do in your garden or allotment at every stage of the lunar cycle, with annotated reminders recommending when to sow, plant-out, or weed.


    Gardening in alignment with the moon harnesses lunar energy and supports growth, allowing your crops to flourish. After the new moon the lunar energy encourages upward growth and after the full moon it sinks deeper into the earth. This earthy artwork offers help with planning your gardening around the seasonal shifts of the moon and attune with lunar living.

    Planting with the Moon (8" x 8")

    • Full colour high-quality giclée print (of a watercolour painting on paper original)
      Natural soft textured paper, 315gms
      8 x 8 inches
      Each print will be hand signed and numbered