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  • This artwork shows when British vegetables are in season throughout the year. Each vegetable is colourfully illustrated in detailed watercolours and clearly labelled. The artwork is separated into four quarters - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - so you can follow the cycle of the seasons and welcome seasonal eating and cooking into your life with ease.


    Eating seasonally grown food offers wonderful benefits for you as much as the planet. By reducing imported produce you lessen the carbon footprint, it supports local businesses in your community, it's more affordable, produce is more nutrient rich and it tastes better!


    The perfect gift for a gardener, keen foodie, or a loved one who cares for nature and the environment.

    Seasonal Food Calendar (8" x 8")

    • Full colour digital art print (of a watercolour painting on paper original)
      Natural soft textured paper, 315gms
      8 x 8 inches
      Each print will be hand signed and numbered

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