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Holly Foskett-Barnes in her studio

I offer artworks and workshops to support creative wellbeing practices.

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with others, offering you deeper connection with nature and wellness.

Nature not only inspires my work but how I run my creative business, ensuring that earth-friendly sustainability is at the core of all that I do.

Whether you're interested in an art print, workshop or illustrative commission, I hope that my work can help support and honour your connection to yourself and nature.

Art to connect you with nature and seasonal living


I'm Holly, a visual artist living and working from my studio in Bristol. I create educational illustrations and deliver mindful workshops that invite you to connect with yourself, nature and seasonal living. I'm deeply influenced by the natural world, particularly my allotment, plants and natural remedies, and my practice is rooted in earth-conscious sustainability. Through my art, I hope to provide you with creative tools to support your own practices and wellness, attuning with the seasons and cycles innate within nature.

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Holly with her Nutritional Moon Cycle Map art print in the sunshine.
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at the allotment

At the allotment

Tending to the land and growing my own vegetables, plants and herbs  is a rich experience that not only nourishes me but feeds my creativity. I've come to think of the allotment as an extension of the studio and I explore art as a way to learn from and connect deeper with the earth. Through my art, I aim to offer tools and insights to make the most of green spaces around you too. From planting with the moon to seasonal foraging, these works offer ways to harness the innate power of nature, allowing your relationship with nature to flourish alongside supporting wildlife and the natural environment.

Seasons & Cycles

One of the most treasured lessons I've learnt from working with nature has been living in alignment with natural cycles that reoccur in our lives and the world around us; from the lunar phases and menstrual cycle to shifts in nature throughout the seasons. My 'Seasonal Living' series of artworks calls upon anyone who wishes to bear witness to seasonal shifts by inviting ritual, ceremony and conscious habits into your life. These artworks are created to honour intrinsic life cycles and act as daily reminders for us to check-in with ourselves, cycles and the innate rhythms of nature that encircle us.

seasons and cycles

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