Growing and Gardening

Tending to the land and growing my own vegetables, plants and herbs  is a richly rewarding experience that not only nourishes me but feeds my creativity. My allotment continues to inspire my practice and I use my art as a way to learn from and connect deeper with the earth. Artworks from my  'Growing and Gardening' series offer tools and insights to make the most of your garden; inviting you to connect with environmentally sustainable, economical and accessible ways to grow. From planting with the moon to companion planting techniques, these works aim to offer ways to harness the innate power of nature, allowing your green spaces to flourish as well as the surrounding wildlife and natural environment.


Seasonal Living

Working intimately with nature continues to teach me infinite wisdom that informs my everyday. One of the most treasured lessons I have learnt has been discovering the benefits of living in alignment with natural cycles that reoccur in our lives and the world around us; from the lunar phases and menstrual cycle to shifts in nature throughout the seasons. My 'Seasonal Living' series of artworks calls upon anyone who wishes to bear witness to seasonal shifts by inviting ritual, ceremony and conscious habits into your life. These artworks are created to honour intrinsic life cycles and act as daily reminders for us to check-in with ourselves, cycles and the innate rhythms of nature that encircle us.



I find immersing myself in nature a deeply nourishing and creative act, which I often mark with a sketch, drawing or painting. Art making, for me, is a way to not just look at a view but truly see it; to explore texture, tone and hue, observe the presence of the lived environment, discover traces of stories that once were. I feel this process is one of reciprocity: I learn from the innate wisdom of place whilst experiencing my relationship to it. Landscape continues to be a fundamental part of my practice that honours the traditions of art making and settles itself at the intersection of person and place. 

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