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  • Meet your seasonal foraging companion, showing which plants you can find throughout Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in the UK and across Europe. Each plant is colourfully illustrated in delicate watercolours and clearly labelled with which part to forage for in each season; leaf, flower, seed or root.


    This project was developed in collaboration with Maria from Healing Weeds (@healing.weeds) who is passionate about sharing easy ways to find and use plants growing around us. Maria’s experience with foraging and herbalism have taught her to notice the world as she moves through it and we hope this artwork helps you to do the same. 


    Foraging offers a way to connect with nature, your local environment and the earth, helping to support your wellness and the land. All the illustrated plants can be foraged to make yummy recipes in the kitchen or make into homemade herbal remedies. Just a friendly reminder that it's illegal to uproot plants unless they're in your garden or you have permission, so remember to check foraging regulations in your local area.


    This artwork would be a thoughtful gift for a nature lover or foraging friend to help inspire them throughout the year.

    Seasonal Foraging Calendar (30 x 30cm)

    • Full colour digital art print (of a watercolour painting on paper original)
      Natural soft textured paper, 315gms
      30 x 30cm
      Each print will be hand signed and numbered

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